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Amiga Game Portal / DB Link Center

Okay, there are some pretty neat projects around now.

This is just an idea, and maybe the problems are too hard to solve without doing far too much work for what you gain, but...

How about a games DB that only contains a list of games and links to the various entries of each of the following projects:

HOL - the game info source
EAGAR - maybe, as an alt to HOL
The Amiga Games Database, for user reviews
C.A.P.S. - for what is available and compatability info
MAGC, for the boxes in 3D (hehe Marc wouldn't agree )
Amiga Collectors Database - for info on what came with the games (an idea in progress)

Any others?

Perhaps it is a bad idea, or perhaps people wouldn't want to do have links at there site like this, but I personally would find it useful.
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