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Finally, [ Show youtube player ]!

Get it now and start making games:

Make a backup of your old project before moving to the new version.

-First alpha release.
-Debug files RedPillPlayerDebug and RedPillEditorDebug have been removed.
-File format has changed, and old projects need to be updated. Backup your project, load it and save it again to upgrade it.
-Instead of a single file, levels of the project are save in individual files. Each level now has its own file, maximum number of levels has been increased from 10 to 100.
-In Level Editor, now you have a reload level option in case you want to discard your changes.
-Each project now contains a text file too. Game texts for now are only used in Show Text and Show Dialog triggers.
-Number of animations increased from 32 to 64.
-Scroll routine has been optimized, now it uses much less cpu.
-Triggers have cathegories to find them easier: General, Input, Vars, Objects, Cinematic, Map, Render, and Audio.
-Objects can have a parent object, in that case their position will be dependant on the parent object.
-For an object with Parent you can specify the offset in X and Y, also if is if affected by parent direction (lateral or 360).
-Triggers to manipulate parent properties: Set parent, Unset Parent and Parent Offset.
-Added trigger to Blink a game object for a number of frames.
-Added trigger to Flash a game object for a number of frames.
-REDPILL exe files are now packed with Shrinkler to reduce its filesize.
-When no trigger is selected, now it goes back to trigger screen instead of going back to object screen.
-REDPILL player logo is now animated.
-Action Trigger Mutate to <gameobject> allows a gameobject to transform to another type, use with caution.
-Action Trigger Keep On Screen to avoid objects get out of the screen.
-Hud on top has been implemented.
-Added triggers to turn Hud On and Hud off.
-HUD now supports a background image, you can add it in the HUD screen.
-HUD Labels and HUD values can be set to a color.
-HUD Labels now can be a text or an icon.
-HUD Values now can be a text, an icon or a bar.
-Game Object icons now support values up to 254.
-Text display triggers with/out title and with support for multiple pages, show Text for only text and Show Dialog for title + text.
-This versions contains an Amigaguide file that in the future will contain REDPILL documentation.
-Fixed a bug when using Once condition trigger.
-Allowing negative render coordinates.
-Action trigger Keep On Screen added to keep a game object inside the screen.
-When an object collides with a ramp now it is considered a bottom collision and will trigger collision triggers.
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