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Originally posted by jmmijo
So Severin, is this a Mini-ITX board or Micro-Flex/ATX board ?!? To me it looks like the former.

As for the A1-Lite, looks to be an all in one board but what would really be a selling point is a plug-in A1200 board or something like this for backwards classic emulation. But I guess there's not going to be any hence the reason the A1 will not sell very well

@Dizzy, I'm neither married nor do I plan on it in the near future. As for kids, bah humbug, call me a scrooge when it comes to little brats running around the house
ITX iirc... but these are very early preview pics that were only released to the public by accident (I'd already seen them on the A1 developers list) the boards will probably change quite alot before the final product.

hmmm, backwards classic emulation... OS4 does that, the only programs that will cause problems are hardware hitters (mostly games, but WHDload should cure that).


It's not really a 'games machine' the same as an A1200 isn't one, if all you do is play games on it that's up to you...

What makes you think people WON'T (eventually) develope games for it...

Go and try to find the mythical Insideout board...

For the Amiga standards, a CV64 or a Picassio IV will do its job as good as a radeon 9800!
For the old standards maybe, but do you put an old CGA/Hercules board in your PC to run ancient DOS/win3.1 games? Why should I?

Do you have a 386/486/P60 emulator to run old PC games as XP won't ?

Besides a CV64 or P4 would be a massive bottle neck for an A1, not to mention having to redesign the whole board, go back to zorro slots, and custom hardware again with all the problems that causes...

Use AGA or RTG via the host PC. Use the host PCs FDD/HDD if you want.
OS4 has a thing called HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) which totaly bypasses the need for the AGA chipset, you can still use AGA software, in nasty lo-res AGA screens if you want to...

Don't get me wrong, AGA was great but any gfx card vastly improved the miggy, I havn't really used AGA since '96, and then only for the odd game. would you want to do any serious work at AGA resolutions and speeds if you had the option of RTG?

I can't see what all the fuss about being identical to an A1200 is about, UAE isn't most of you here seem happy with that, but think of it running natively and invisibly in the background on an efficient OS.

If you really need something identical to an A1200, go and buy a few, they are only £10-£20 after all...
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