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Originally posted by Unknown_K
The little board looks nice, but game machines need games. That wont run old games without an emulator (why buy a ppc to emulate when we all have PC's that run the same emulator), and no new games are being developed for it.

There are few to no games for Linux boxes, and there are millions of those, what makes you think people will develop games for the amigaone?

If they didnt have the budget for an updated A1200 type machine they could at least made a PCI slot amiga computer (AGA compatible) and ran os 4 from there.
Yup, the Siamese PCI Amiga (aka Access's Inside Out board) was just what we needed. Use AGA or RTG via the host PC. Use the host PCs FDD/HDD if you want. Two machines but one set of mice/keyboard. 040/25 in lowest spec.

To me this was the way it should have gone. A1 will be a commercial failure.
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