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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Funny last time I checked game machines were a multi billion dollar market. And who is taking the "buisiness market" seriously on the amigaone? The facts of life are no developers who make a living developing will waste their time on making software for a system that basically doesnt have a users base. While some hobyists will make some apps for the unit (just like people still program C64 games) they will do it when they have time and are in the mood so people who actually buy the amigaone will either make it into one expensive as hell slow linux box or watch it collecting dust while polishing the nameplate.

I dont find the A1200 to be a horrible looking lump of plastic. And as far as expandibility what exactly do you need besides USB, HD, cdrom, network, video, thats already built in? Do you see anybody lining up to make cards for the amigaone? If you rummage through your neighbors trash to find their discarded PC you could probably find an ancient voodoo 3 to go with your amigaone.

I see a market for the old amiga as a retro game machine. Why bother with the old a500/a1200 and all the addons that are expensive as hell when somebody could make a new one with everything built in using common and replaceable USB mice, standard svga monitors, usb printers, 10/100/1000 network connections, normal cd's, hell even common 1.44 mb floppies you dont have to goto the web to find. Worst case you can put the cpu on a removable card and upgrade the system through the trap door method the a1200 used, but I dont think you need to.
For the games machine market check out the A1-Lite which is basically what your describing (MoBo pics below)...

No I don't see people lining up to make boards for the AmigaOne as they're already being made... I think you might know them as 'PC PCI boards'

Why would I want an ancient voodoo3? I'm using a radeon 7000 atm, ugrading to 9x00 when os4 arrives... or maybe one of the other 180+ supported makes...

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