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Yep, I'm very surprise too ! Never thought they would actually release it before I am a hundred years old
In fact I thought they had invented gamebase just to get all the games for themselves, because I could never understand their arguments for not releasing it earlier... ?

Anyway, now it is here after at least 3 promised releases which never occured. Ok, it is nice, it's a cool thing, but it would have been greater if it had been released earlier !

I didn't trust into the GB64 team and was a little bit angry because quite some games from their collection originally came from my own C64 games collection. If I hadn't ( indirectly ) given them some games, these perhaps wouldn't be in gamebase now !
And I even still have some games still missing or being corrupt in GB64
I will ask if they send me the CDs and decide on this if I will support them.
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