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I couldnt resist to add in that if you guys are searching for Amiga PDF manuals I have a few to offer currently which are free to download from my ftp.

Advanced Amiga Architecture (AAA)
AmigaFormat CD32 Magazine
Colonization PC Manual
Chaos Strikes Back - Manual (Psygnosis)
Zak McKracken - Manual
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker - Quick Reference Card
Chaos Strikes Back - Manual
Scary Mutant Space Aliens from Mars - The Dryfon 3000 Quick Reference Guide
Scary Mutant Space Aliens from Mars - Real Aliens
Scary Mutant Space Aliens from Mars - Manual
Scary Mutant Space Aliens from Mars - Box
Kick Off 2 - The Final Whistle - Manual
Kick Off 2 - World Cup 90 - Manual
Zak McKracken - Zap Em II Security System
Zak McKracken - The National Inquisitor
Black Crypt - Manual
Blizzard 4030 Hardware (Phase5 Digital Products)

They are in a folder in the upload dir.
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