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A call for Arms from Colin for new level, first appeared here:

Fellow Amigans,

Block Off is a new game Simone Bernacchia and I are developing for the Amiga. As the game features a level editor, we would like to involve the community in designing new levels, beyond the 14 currently in the game. We're providing an ADF file for the game below, so you can run it on an emulator or actual hardware. The game needs at least 1Mb of memory. It should run fine on a stock A1200 but may be slightly slower on A500/A600.

Should you be interested, you can create levels starting from number 15 onwards. We will take care of assessing the difficulty of your level designs and shuffle between existing levels to smooth out the difficulty curve of the game.

We look forward to see your designs!!

Link to ADF File here:
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