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The above message was pretty crappy so I've rewritten it, I would of added this to the above message but it would'nt let me for some odd reason.

It was supposed to be:


I actually looking for, both a 68010 and a 16Mhz 68000 (68000P-12). The idea is both of them give a speed increase but of a different amount and compatibility.

So, if I can get them both, Piggy back them on the standard 68000 cpu and make a switch so I can flick between to what ever one is required.

If you could part with one of your 68010 chips, It would be much appreciated.


There we go, I think that's a bit better.

Oh and I found some stuff on aminet about using pc hardrive, the only problem will be finding one old enough, that it will work.

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