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Re: Dopus Magellan 2

Hi freedom4u!

> I just started using Dopus 5.81 and its quite nice, but ...

> When I browse through directories and click on some application (e.g. Packmaster) it Dopus doesn't open it, but instead asks me for additional parameters.
> When clicking on an application in icon-mode, the app starts fine, bu its Window pops up on the Workbench screen, which is hidden behind the Dopus desktop.

> Any suggestions how to turn that off ?

I know I'm a bit late, hope you still check this thread for answers ;-)

DOpus (all versions) uses "filetypes" to recognise files. These filetypes
have to be defined by the user. If a file doesn't match any of the
configured filetype, DOpus tries some default recognition methods.

One of the default rules is: "If it's an executable and we're in icon
mode, start it in workbench mode (i.e. read parameters from the icon,
don't open a shell window". Another rule is "if it's an executable and
we're not in icon-mode, start it in shell mode (i.e. open a shell window
and ask for parameters)".

I'm not using Opus Magellan, but I'm pretty sure that you can't change
that behaviour. The only solution would be to create your own filetype
for "executable files", which always starts them in "Workbench mode".

Let me know if you still read this and I'll explain how to do so (it's
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