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Well folks........ I've been on the Amiga for nigh on since 1988, and I have had some good times, and some rough times.

The rough times have been more recent. I may have to give up all Amiga activities or severely cut them down, because at the moment, my relationship with the missus is at an all time low, and my Amiga related stuff/Internet stuff isn't helping matters (in fact it was cited as the main reason!).

Tomorrow I have a BIG interview, if I get the job, my activities are severely cut down anyway, that I have no choice about.

But if its a choice between the Amiga and the Girlfriend, the Amiga will come off worse (lets face it, she's alive, the Amiga......isn't!).

So, I give you this warning that I will not be coming on here as often, won't be replying as often, and that my slow projects just got slower!

If it does come to me leaving, any and all Amiga related hardware will be for sale to you guys, and any WHDLoad sources, readers, in fact anything I have on my harddrives will be uploaded for those that want it, should they find anything useful.

I'm not gone yet........ but very soon I might well be.

Some of the more important projects I will finish off before I go, other people can continue the rest if they see fit to.

It's not Adios yet......
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