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I never did think about supporting users online browsering using Amigaat that time. I wanted to explore the functions I had available... I see from the statistic on my site that there is hardly anyone who enters the site using Amiga. The majority who visits uses MSIE from v5.0 to v6.0, followed by a small margin of users on Netscape v5.0, Opera v7.2 and Konqueror v5.0. The rest are so little that I hardly see a need to redesign it, especially since im quite busy with work these days. I am however not finished with the site. I want to add more and I might later in time change the menu for something cool but simple

Originally posted by Severin
Hmmm, just had a look, nice planet pic, cartoon mistress is fine, intro text is wonderful, pity the navigation is SWF so doesn't work on REAL amiga's (or even PPC linux on an A1-XE)

<grumble> bloody PC users expecting every one to be a member of the herd, I though there were enlightened peeps here, even a few pack members, but I must have been sorely mistaken </grumble>

EDIT: oops, Djay... nice, clean, fast -
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