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I ain't no UAE-user but maybe this helps a little...

I managed to get Workbench up and running.
I never got this far, but the knowledge you needed to do this doesn't fit in the picture with all your next questions
You don't need to have Workbench installed in order to play most games on WinUAE.
1.You execute winuae.exe by doubleclicking on it.
A menu will pop up.
2.Try going to the ROM section and select the location of your kickstartXX.rom file(I suggest 3.1)
3. Go to the FLOPPY section and select the location for the ADF-imagine you want to play.
4. Press ok to start game. In the game press F12 to make the properties tab popup again, so you can change disks if needed by the same procedure as above.

I highly assume that this isn't new to you and that I completely missunderstodd your post and that I'm just the only one naive enough to reply, but maybe this helps.
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