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Unhappy WinUAE Newbie having big problems please help

I have downloaded AIAB and WinUAE,the latest version.I also have downloaded a few games.I was really struggling to understand how it works,but after reading some other peoples problems and looking at some FAQs,I eventually got it installed.Now,here`s the problem.I still am a bit sketchy understanding whats going on,so bear with me.To start with,I had a blue and mostly gray screen,with big typeface.Then,through mucking about and not knowing what I was doing,I managed to get Workbench up and running.Various menu`s popped up and asked me to click some choice`s.Eventually it installed,and now I have a pinky coloured screen and the resoloution is about 800x600.I presume this is workbench.I am now completely stuck.If I try to close workbench,It says cannot close,there is still one program launched or running.How do I get out of this?.I believe I need to run the Kickstart ROM(which I have),to play games.If so,do I need to get back to the grey screen which I had before workbench?.How do I do that?.Also,what is the procedure for running game`s?.Do they need to be run from the grey screen?.Sorry about all this but I am a complete newbie when it comes to emu`s.Any help welcomed.
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