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"A little over two years ago, two gentlemen from a small joystick company called Amiga paid us a call at the lab. David Morse and David Reisinger had no more than a pitch and a slideshow to show us, but we were impressed by their savvy and their sincerity. They spoke of a custom chipset from Jay Miner, the man who designed the Atari 400/800 chipset. They spoke of graphics and sound of a quality yet unimagined in a personal computer. They spoke of a commitment to an MPU that allowed true multitasking and RAM in excess of 5Mb. I broke the story of the Amiga computer, then code-named Lorraine, to the world back in early 1983."

I am probably going to embarrass myself with my lack of amiga history.........

but is it possible in late 1983/early84 a pre-commodore amiga "super" computer could have been used buy a pixar type company?????
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