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Originally posted by yadster
The UK version was originally cut, mainly the kinky stuff with Debbie Harry but it was restored. I don't think this was due to the censors but the distributors who obviosly didn't want the film branded a 'video nasty'. Apparantly it is now uncut in the UK but I still have my imported copy so cannot verify this.
"With its superior video transfer and low retail price, the region 4 DVD is a close second. The Region 1 extras are perfunctory at best, but it is the complete uncut version. Note that the cover art for the Region 4 DVD emphasizes the Max Renn figure and crops Nicki Brand's face, so it is not as faithful to one of the theatrical poster designs as the US DVD. With our DVD coded for regions 4 and 2, it is safe to say that the UK release matches ours." (quote from
Or read some review from here

Originally posted by yadster
Maybe it was done with a ZX81
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