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Originally posted by Lagerfeldt
Heh heh :-D

Do you know exactly *what* scenes have been cut?

Don't have a R1 compatible player (and I'm not tinkering with my 11.000 kr's DVD player to have it modded).

Considering getting it on NTSC VHS then.. although the quality will suffer heavily and sound is weedy.
Why not buy one of these cheap dvd-players for playing R1, as a second dvd-player off course.. Or go to Laserdisken and get them to modify your dvd-player they are specialist...

Akira: Don't know I just quote, but surely and Amiga couldn't have done it, the release date is correct, they recieve an award in 1984, so.....Some of the many colors could have been hand painted as in TRON so a combination af computer cgi (c64) + hand paintings....Just a guess
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