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Using MP3's to load 8bit Games!

Whilst I have read before about using your PC's soundcard to output tape files to your C64, Spectrum or Amstrad I had never considered using a Discman till I saw a guy using one with a +2 Speccy at Back In Time Live 4 on Saturday.

Was quite impressive, you could squeeze about 25 Games on one cd, and he was using one of those Cassette tape Line In adaptors you can buy in Maplins for your Car Stereos! :hoo But surely by the same logic you could also use a MP3 player?

Once I found the utils, I chucked a WAV file onto my Creative Jukebox, and I loaded Antiriad on my Sinclair 128+ without problems.

But... the WAV file was 12MB (!). Now I had read that MP3's dont work, however I decided to experiment. Turned the WAV into a 128Kbps MP3 (down to 4MB) worked fine (I might try a 64kbps file tonight)

I think this is great! Yes loading by time is LONG but sometimes it ADDS to the nostalgia when youre playing on the REAL thing.

Maybe the GoodXXX or Tosec should consider this as a new format? What do you guys think?
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