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Richard Joseph
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It was great! Weather was nice too- but typical me, I went and got burnt on the beach on Sunday.

Great to meet people. FromWithin who I hadn't met before (no redeyes in your pics too and Antiriad with whom it was a real pleasure to talk about , erm, Antiriad. Nice bloke indeed (And thanks Antiriad for telling me about this board BTW)

And the place was crawling with the usual suspects- C64 remixers, personalities from a variety of eras and one or two of my own personal heroes. Brilliant geezers the lot of them.

Shame Jon Hare couldn't make it. He had a gig up in Suffolk somewhere. But it gave me the perfect excuse to get out of having to play live versions of Cannon Fodder and Goalscoringsuperstarhero ;-)
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