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Ah it was a good day out. I realise I probably should have brought along the GP32, but nevermind. Twas nice to meet Big-Byte and FromWithin. Pity there werent more EABers there.

Met Richard Joseph which was great, felt a bit of a lemon when ANOTHER guy handed him a C64 cover sleeve of Antiriad to sign (oh well maybe next time eh?). He was amused by my Antiriad SMS logo and the self composed ringtone in particular

Joseph did inform me that he did a remix of The Chaos Engine theme and it was never released, I suggested he create a MP3 of it. Like FromWithin he also has some old stuff from past game projects tucked away somewhere.

Was quite a big thing for me considering he worked on my favourite game, that and all his other 8 and 16bit work with the Bitmaps, Palace and Sensible. I did hand him and some other guys this forum and Hols URl in the hope they may visit.

He in turn introduced me to Richard Leinfellner, former head of Palace. Turns out the reason Palace didnt survive the collapse of the movie side of the firm was that all of Titus's promises of money turned out to be balls.

Also met Jason page of Graftgold fame, he told me that there was going to be a CD32 of Uridium 2, but it never happened. Was amused to meet his wife Emma Cubberley (now Page obviously)
who provided all the deadpan female voice overs on that game. I dont think she appreciated me commenting on the cuteness of her maiden name

And yes, I was a idiot for not asking either RJ or JP about Putty Squad...although being the musicians, maybe they never got a full copy either?

Sadly Jeff Minter didnt show (no doubt working on Unity) nor Stoo Campbell. Never saw Chief either.

The music show was different... Ben Dalgleish was amusing, but like Rob Hubbard - having no C64 shots on the projector screen on the background kind of lessened the impact on the audienc. It was for this reason (and this alone) that I enjoyed Press Play on Tapes show more. However, that drummer guy should stick to just that, not donning those shades & naff green jacket and singing BADLY to C64 tunes

Rob Hubbard seemed to also be making a concious effort to avoid the crowd favourites and do obscure Atari XL, ST, Amiga and even Sinclair stuff. Maybe hes done that all to death at the previous shows?
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