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A personal note to FJRB......

Your grasp of the English language in one sense is admirable, and at other times pathetic and childish.

For someone who claims to have such powers of expression, perhaps you could have used the same powers to restrict yourself to pointing out your 'facts' instead of ridiculing people on EAB.

The very same argument you pillory IFW over (i.e. no-one knows more on this subject than you!) you are guilty of yourself.

None of your answers seem to be particularly well structured, in fact, as an English 'lesson', it only serves to irritate and annoy. Your whole message is lost in the wind of sarcasm, idiocy and flagrant rudeness. I doubt anyone on here has the slightest clue what the hell you are talking about, because you are so busy trying to be 'clever', that all they see is someone that is so insecure of themselves that they feel the need to ridicule and annoy to such an extent, that IFW has now decided EAB is a place he doesn't want to be anymore.

But then, you didn't notice that, you failed to pick up on it, because your 'argument' was more important.

Well done, FJRB, you are indeed a God in the midst of meek followers.

You have a Total post count (at present) of 78, mostly attributed to this thread...... not exactly your finest hour is it?

May I politely suggest that a moderator shuts this utterly pointless and futile thread down, lest we get any more of FJRB's musings on the world according to him!
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