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Early influences were via c64:

* HERO (the sound of the dynamite fuse fizzing down is with me * always)
* Paradroid (still my favorite game, I play it on my c128 even now)
* Gauntlet 2 (marathon 2-player sessions)
* Uridium (loved doing 'tricks', turning & banking the craft to do it with style)
* Curse of the Azure Bonds (would get a bunch of friends around the C= and control one character each)
* Kickstart 2 (loved making up crazy tracks & trying them out on friends)
* Summer Games 2 (all the Games series, really)
* Nebulus (perhaps the biggest effect of all on me in terms of memory)
* Maniac Mansion (totally sucked me in, really changed the way I thought about games)
* Wizball (I play & finish this every year or so, whenever I have a decent 'cat' player to join me)
* Ghosts n Goblins (scared the heck outta me!)

Others which had a huge impact on me include Salamander (still my fave shoot-em-up), Katakis, Giana Sisters, Dropzone, Armalyte, Commando, BIONIC COMMANDO!!!, Pole Position 2, Impossible Mission, Super Cycle, Ikari Warriors, Microprose Soccer, Aztec Challenge, Fist 2, BOULDERDASH!!! and so on...

Then Amiga:

* Buggy Boy (always tried driving two-wheeler as long as possible, to make it more challenging)
* Hunter (another game which changed my perceptions of what games could be. The next time I felt the same about a game, was probably Morrowind last year)
* Stunt Car Racer (played this more than any other game on Amiga)
* Speedball 2 (but no one could challenge me in 2-player games!)
* Dynablasters (I would rediscover this years later on SNES, and had even more fun with it then, using 4 players!)
* IK+ (I played this on both c64 and Amiga a helluva lot, but I can't remember which version I preferred)
* Onslaught (I can't remember why, though -- just the manic, psychedelic activity, I guess -- I'm not sure I even knew how to play it properly, but I spent a lot of time doing it!)
* Llamatron (kept going back to this, over and over)
* Typhoon Thompson (the endless ocean held such an appeal...)

Other fond experiences which influenced my gameplaying: Turrican 1, Mega lo Mania, Pang, Rainbow Islands, Sensi (although I must admit I didn't play it much until later, on the SNES), Lazer Squad, Prince of Persia, Monkey Island 1 & 2, Vroom, Lotus, Apidya, Another World, Exile, Bombuzal, Gem'X, Switchblade 1, APB, and on and on... During that period, I wasn't really into strategy/RPG games (though I was before and after my Amiga period), so I missed out on playing a lot of fine games. I did play a bit of Deuteros, EOTB, Bloodwych (on c64 too) and a couple others. Let me know what I'm missing! I recently got an A1200, and have started playing Dune 2 -- awesome.

Other strong "experiences":

Star Force (arcade)
Double Dragon (arcade)
Super Mario World (SNES - got every single star)
Zelda 3 (SNES)
Super Wonderboy in Monsterland (arcade, others)
Mario Kart (SNES - finished every track)
Golden Axe (arcade, MD)
Street Fighter 2 (arcade, SNES)
Tetris (Gameboy)
Castlevania: SOTN (PSX)
Super Puyo Puyo (SNES)
Final Fantasy 3 (SNES)
Mario 64 (N64 - but I had to sell my N64 before I could finish the game!)
Morrowind (PC)
Freelancer (PC)
Moria/Angband (PC) (I've played these two rogue/nethack variants more than any other game, on any system, by far -- recently played right through another variant, T.O.M.E., which is probably the best of the lot)

I've had most consoles, but these are the gaming experiences that stuck with me the most. Thanks for starting this thread and reminding me!

PS Like I said, I just got an A1200 and am discovering a bunch of games I'd missed on the Amiga -- damn, what a great machine! The best I've played recently is Wizkid -- AMAZING. I had a few friends around a couple of weekends ago, and we spent a bunch of time just playing Wizkid! One of them, who had never even seen an Amiga before, the next week grabbed an emulator and the game just to play it.

Other neo-Amiga finds include Cannon Fodder, Seek and Destroy (just like Raid on Bunglin' Bay!), D/Generation, Walker, Murder... If I'd found these when I first had an Amiga, I would've spent days on end playing them.

Crikey, I rambled on. Sorry!
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