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Originally posted by yadster
Nah, no joy, probably me been really thick though. Only reason I chose NewIcons is because I think the MagicWB icons look really disgusting. Probably a personal thing really.
What about those nice 16 colour icons I use in the Classic WB advanced for the system?

Then you could use a proggy to make your own newicons for the games.

Personally, the look of my workbench isn't important to me. The functionality, speed, chipram available and being able to launch WHDload/AGA games is. Plus it has to work on normal TV sets as well as monitors as I take it around friends houses for multiplayer banter.

That means at the moment I'm using ClassicWB FULL along with the special low res magicwb icons. To me, they are the only things that are low contrast enough to work well on TV's and of course are proportioned correcly. Those iso newicons look hideous to me, especially at TVres.
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