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Originally posted by Bloodwych
My ClassicWB is redundant! Nobody loves it anymore.

Classic WB has been a godsend Bloodwych. After not owning a Miggy for 7 years or so I was very rusty but after looking how you set your WB up I have learnt so much, found some great utilities that I may have never tried and made my Amiga experience better than it has ever been. I've also picked up a few tips on EAB as well I mean without the great Amiga community I'd probably be using my Amiga solely for playing games and not for word processing and the like, in fact I now do all my college work on my Amiga as I find it a lot more productive. Funny how a few months ago I was happy with a bog standard 1200, now its upped to an 030 with 32MB, scsi CD, hard drive, WHDload, monitor but it's not enough. Now I want a big ass monitor, graphics card, CD writer, faster card and a swanky tower to put my Miggy in. There's no pleasing some people
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