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Need help to get back a lost demo part


The Kefrens demo "Desert Dream" was to include 2 hidden parts.
The second one being launched from the first one.

I had contact with the Kefrens members, and this is now confirmed.
You can read their messages here :

Unfortunately, due do a bug in their key-trigger / loader routine, the second one can't be accessed at all.
It is unsure whether to code is still intact on the released disc, but I am convinced it is, read below.

I had a close look at the disc #2 usage using WinUAE and here is the result :

"Start of part 2"
Track 00-03
Track 07-08

"Big Balls"
Track 08-12
Track 03-07

"Picture zoom/rotate"
Track 03
Track 08

"Sinedots 3D"
Track 12

"Sinedots 3D (continuation)"
Track 12-13

"Cooper Anim - Ending credits"
Track 13-18

"Hidden Part 1 Start"
Track 74-79
Track 72-74
Track 61-72

"Hidden Part 1 Cooper scroll"
Track 59-61

"Hidden part 2 ???"
Track 58-59 ???

As you can see, for the hidden part, they load bunch of tracks in reversed order.

The track 19 till 57 seems to contain garbage only.
Among other things I saw there servial versions of a tool named "RAM-TEST" by Markus van Kempen, copyright by GIGATRON; together with piece of source code.

The interesting part lies on track 58-59.
There, you can find a small chiptune module (13 Kb large, was ripped and spread years ago by Sven Gester).

Around that module there are some machine code that must actually be the hidden part #2.

Now, here is the end of my Amiga knowledge.
I was coder/cracker on TRS80 Color, Amstrad CPC & on early PC, but I only used Amiga for gaming or demo watching.

For an experienced coder / cracker, it should be pretty easy to figure out the right memory address to load those tracks, and run the code.

This part maybe re-use some code already loaded by hidden part#1, as ~22 Kb, including a 13 Kb module is maybe too short.

To the person that are willing to help us, don't forget you will bring back a piece of history to all the Amiga fans.
I am sure you'll be praised till the end of time for doing that

Sorry for the long message.
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