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Originally posted by manicx
I didn't say you are clueless, I said you are the same as the rest of us.
Well, i can personally vouch and gurantee you that is completely removed from reality. IFW is everything but like the rest of us. If for nothing else, the fact alone i doubt anyone else in EAB spends till high hours in the night - for free - on an incredibly complex project. Furthermore, with sucess

I'll go even further and claim there's no one in this board as IFW. If there is another wizard capable of equaling or upping the wizardry displayed by CAPS, then let him come forth! We sure need the help, or the competition.

Believe me, there isn't. Some of the stuff being done there, was considered 'impossible' pre-CAPS, by err .... 'experts'.

Originally posted by manicx
After all, there are people in here who are 10 times me and you.
Hey, we can code some kick ass scrolly mega demo and prove we're the best buddy!

What do we have to do to prove ourselves? Burn WinUAE, Fellow and a couple of roms and sell 'em a pop on the web?

Maybe we can steal source code from someone and become instantly Amigaan Gods overnight?

Originally posted by manicx
I know very well that all you were saying up there was "Listen to the dad" and IanS was also offended by that.
Would a little kiss help or something?

Originally posted by manicx
This is annoying to the rest of us.
Well, i just promised a kiss thinking it was only one or two - those are the only one(s) i see - if there's more, behind the bushes, we can't do it It's not like we're Madonna or something

Originally posted by manicx
My mistake about the Uganda example and no offence to anyone. Let's use as an example NothingWorksLand!
Heck, i'll have no problem in taking the responsability unto myself... Uganda sucks, is uncivilized, and outright makes me sick. There, who feels annoyed and offended with that? Heck, it's the truth. What offends people are lies. The good thing about Uganda is that there aren't any software stealers since ... there is no software.

I patiently await the oncoming onslought of the PC police ...

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