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Originally posted by manicx
I am not living in Uganda! I am living in a EU country, I lived in the UK and you are also living in ... ! I am working in the IT industry and I have experiences my self.
Guy, ok, let's have one reality check here - A couple of posts ago, you barely knew the difference between Freelance and Free Work. That's the equivalent of claiming to be literated and not knowing half the alphabet.

Having been on the UK, i also hope your separation of my and self, is but a typo.

Nonetheless, the country you're in is completely irrelevant. You aren't Bernd, this thread is not about you.

Originally posted by manicx
You see, in the first case Fjrb ASSUMED I have nothing to do with IT,
I correctly assumed you had no real experience with contractual relationships, employer vs employee relationships everyone has.

You completely vindicated my assertion the very next moment by displaying complete ignorance on a mundane concept such as freelancing.

Originally posted by manicx
now it's you that you put yourself above anyone else by ASSUMING you have more experiences than the rest.
Well, he kinda is right, since he actually knows and understands the simple difference between freelance and free work.

Originally posted by manicx
Totally wrong. You are a guru when it comes to C.A.P.S. but you are a normal guy out of it just like the rest of us.
That's probably the most incorrect discription about IFW i've ever heard.

That said, for the various reasons alluded in this thread some people within CAPS prefer to keep their curriculums totally or partially hidden.

For the record, your assumption couldn't be further from reality.

Originally posted by manicx
As for me, I helped Amiga when they were disintegrating
Just a joke, but maybe that explains the Amiga's current pathetic status quo?

I mean, if you're going to start quoting past experience, at least pick ones where there was success.

Originally posted by manicx
Last one was, last year, when games were banned for no apparent reason in Greece.
And then you have the nerve to talk about Uganda, and praise Greece's fantastic civility... banning gaming? What's up with that? It left the rest of the by yourself described civil and sofisticated EU's member countries collective jaw completely floored.

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