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Originally posted by manicx
(...) but you should seriously take the right pil and face the real world)!
Just for argument' sake, lets do this

1) Bernd works for 2 years, gets ripped off his work, loses his IP, is unable to launch prosecutorial process from the opposite hemisphere, and, instead of losing another 2 or 3 years, decides to warn users and go to greener pastures.

2) Bernd declares holy legal jihad on H&P, gets a lawyer to act inside the EU, inside the particular country or countries, pays for all the double representation in 2 countries or more, deals with each countries bureocracy plus the EU bureocracy, tackles local, governemntal and european regular & supreme courts, wins cause, gets money equal to 4 to 5 years work, psychologic losses compensation, and is still in time to find someone else to publish his work and some market to sell it to.

You tell me if it's 1) or 2) the real or imaginated world.

Just to put a personal edge to it, when will Greece, for instance, sue Turkey for invading Cyprus taking half of the island and still today having hundred of thousands of troops installed there? Or is that 'uganda' over there?


Real world: 1) all the way.

Now, who's really in need of a 'reality pill'?

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