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I am not like you because I do have real world experience. And I - again! - never said others do not. Please do not put words into my mouth. It is getting very old now.
I'd much prefer your way btw.

"middle class anyway"
Middle class has nothing to do with affording the cost of foreign legal cases.
Middle class on average is a house, a car and other commodities, not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank.
I am glad you are part of the high society or the top of middle class as your assumption about getting everything - especially money and financing - for absolutely granted clearly implies.
Most of us are not.
In fact most of the developers ripped-off are not.
You know why? Because they have been ripped-off by shit companies.

"I know very well that all you were saying up there was "Listen to the dad" and IanS was also offended by that."
I am not saying listen to dad, I am saying practice contradicts theory in a very unpleasant way.
You now shit about me, and if you think I am making this up - as all your posts suggests, especially this "I know very well" -, and try to ridicule me now just to get a point, I am deeply offended.

Now I am quitting EAB.
Good bye everyone.
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