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In the way you described having quite a few cases experience that may put us above the rest here - minus devs here, who would tell exactly the same thing if they were bothered to post into such a pointlessly heated thread about real world vs dream world -, but the only one saying that is you, I've never ever claimed such thing, so please do not put words into my mouth.
In fact what I say is that the theory and practice does only match if you can afford it.
Also living in the EU.
So what...? Who cares? What if anyone was living in Uganda? Why do you bring up such ludicrous stuff, like living in Uganda? btw: at least one guy of EAB is from Africa, and if he reads this chances are you have been hurting his feelings with claims like that.
Also you see e.g. Australia is not part of the EU.
I work in the telecom industry, and I deal with extremely confidential stuff, from the gsm sector, banking sector and so on.
A small developer in any case without big money - ie. after not getting paid, being completely broke after years of development - have zero chance financing legal stuff in a foreign country.
I know whereof I speak very well, both first hand and second hand. So in that sense I am not like the most of you to make it clear now, my view is based on real world experiences and I know the theory just like you, and believed in it just like you, until the point came to see it working - or not.
Not exactly clueless either as you would put.

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