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I am not living in Uganda! I am living in a EU country, I lived in the UK and you are also living in ... ! I am working in the IT industry and I have experiences my self. You see, in the first case Fjrb ASSUMED I have nothing to do with IT, now it's you that you put yourself above anyone else by ASSUMING you have more experiences than the rest. Totally wrong. You are a guru when it comes to C.A.P.S. but you are a normal guy out of it just like the rest of us.

As for me, I helped Amiga when they were disintegrating and Amiga was just Petro Tyschencho win a case against a HUGE Publishing house in Greece that gave away the 3.1 roms in a CD. I got myself some knowledge on the business law and contracts back then if this of any interest on you. Since then I elevated my knowledge by getting involved on several issues regarding computing, IT and law. Last one was, last year, when games were banned for no apparent reason in Greece. We formed communities and took the issue to the court and for a discussion to the Parlamients. Not exactly clueless, don't you think?
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