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Re: Re: I understand both sides

Originally posted by Akira
(...) there are a bunch of zealotic arseholes out there

Originally posted by Akira
(...) who would buy ANY PIECE OF TURD commercially developed for the Amiga.
You know, just today i saw a nutcase in Syberia, Russia that claims to be a son of god, is called jesus and goes around wearing a toga among his five thousand followers.

Isnt's that about the same amount AI\H&P et al have?

Your conversation about turds and a-holes disturbs me - i'm very sensitive ya see - but we have a local saying here that goes something like: "The flies change, but the s***'s the same."

And so it is.

The biblical tales recounted here, updated to Schwarzeneggeresque sofistication, of even ants being apparently able to sue hannibal's elephants for stomping, unfortunately, heat up the blood, beats up the true believers to a frenzy, but, just like many other faiths, are based on everything and anything, but the real world.

The notion that a single guy coding on the other side of the world can sue, win, and not enter the minus column in his dividends, let alone profit or be recompensated fully for his efforts and work and lost sleep, is so ludicrous for any digital atheist or pagan not under the grasp of the Jesus AI and it's handful of loyal pseudo-corporate apostles, that it barely deserves a replica.

What for? It's like explaining to any southern US cristian zealot that the idea that a baby named moses floated down the Nile river into noting less than the queen's backyard, or the idea a handfull of ravashing calamities affected a civilization, based on seasonal agriculture and therefore obsessed about meteriologic records and crop amounts recorded, without ever being noted in the smallest of papyrus, is absolutely and completely nonsensical and ludicrous.

Of course Noah's ark is in an icy mountain in Turkey! Sure.

Hey, it's faith. It works like this. I whish i had one myself, some desert semite beduoin i could relish, or some bouncing ball in could caress for hope in time of doubt.

Windows is readily using the white and red bouncing Amiga ball in it's out-of-the-box stock icons in XP, does Amiga Inc. sue Microsoft? Maybe they're 'unprofessional', or maybe, even, lack the 'balls'. Who knows why they don't sue?

Or maybe, just maybe, they know a bit more about work relations to the point they actually understand the difference between Freelance and Free work. And thus - understanding them - they don't sue.

Originally posted by Akira
This user base is stable and very loyal, and means quite an amount of cash actually.
"Bow to Leper Messiah!"

Anyone here ever came across an album called 'Master of Puppets'? :P

Buy the next turd and go right into amiga heaven. I'm not shittin' ya. Pardon the pun.

I mean we're talking about people that are expecting computers and software out of a company that can't even pay it's electricity bills and rent. You know, like those guys that cut off their genitalia and expected to go in the giant spacship behind the comet?

Who knows, maybe they did.

Did you know that a freefall is when someone falls from a high place completely for free?

Me neither.

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