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You simply ignore all the the things I've written for whatever purpose. Possibly you still do not realize we are talking about different issues and not what a contract should ensure in theory.
You are constantly ignoring that I am talking about people who do not intend to fulfill a contract and are very hard to go after, and impossible without big chunks of money.
I won't repeat this again, again and again.

Btw: A in company law. Thank you very much.
My grades are none of your concern, and are unrelated to talks about crooks, it is a very poor argument tactics to make the other ones' point invalid by questioning competence - so I don't fall for it, like I don't ask "How about you?" That would indeed be poor and would still have nothing to do with posts about con artists
Please read on conversational terror for more
Absolutely unrelated to what I wrote as it is about problems you face, not about what is written on a piece of paper, or any other other form, if there is no intention to keep it.

Ok, if this makes you happy: yes, you are very rude and ignorant

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