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Actually these are *not work contracts*, those are completely different and very simple things, how often should I repeat that.
And hence you pay your insurance health care whatever yourself, you do not have an employer.
You are talking about a completely different thing, something granted vs I talk about a publishing deal something only granted under certain circumstances where your publisher is actually willing to fulfill his part of the contract, which is quite often not the case if the temptation is high enough.
Yes, I say unless you have a very solid financial background and you are still dealing in a foreign country as an author, the publishing deals are always strictly the risk of you and you will get ripped off way far easier than you could possibly imagine.
Contracts that were made simply by the idea of ripping those foreigners off and laugh worth not even the paper they are written on.
You don't believe how these things do happen and why or in fact they happen at all - fine I don't care anymore, as this disbelief thing and complete lack of empathy and understanding of real world scenarios versus Ally McBeal and other dreamworld crap is getting very old.
Please do a search On Metin Seven - I guess he will be marked by this logic a "looser" as well.
As a final note: I know many such rip-off people in the UK, so your remark is a very big miss about not living in a country like that. (btw: just for something recent search on Vincent Pike, from the UK...)
The point is: it does not matter at all which country it is, it is the people and their intentions that does matter.
There are crooks in all countries and it is not the fault of the country, it is the fault of the person.

And I second it: good luck for everyone

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