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Hmmm, this project has now been shared *free* for just over a week

In that time, I estimate that over 500 people now have a copy

...been thinking; going forward I will ask for £20 to be donated (except for EAB members who joined more than 6 month ago); peanuts really when you consider the years of work involved from Toni and myself for this collection

This means that I can then plough any money raised back into the Amiga community; as I usually do:

a) Support to RCK for hosting all "" resources like EAB / HOL / Amiga Magazine Rack / Amiga Games that weren't etc...
b) Support for Toni Wilen.
c) Support for all the numerous game creators / developers out there making new, cool stuff for our beloved computer.

Anyone that knows me can confirm that I am a man of my word and this will happen
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