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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Thanks for testing the library, Amiga68k!

What you discovered is a limitation of the Version instruction concerning the version output for libraries and devices. Lib_Version is always the word with the value 46 and lib_Revision the word with the value 4 for my library. There is no definition for a lib_Build or similar in the library structure. So a simple call "Version icon.library" would return 46.4. If you all add the option FULL then the version command also looks into the lib_IdString for something in brackets and displays it, which is usually the the date string. But Version would not display the complete lib_IdString, because it's safer to take name, version and revision from lib_Name, lib_Version and lib_Revision. Lib_IdString could be everything like "IconLib forever!". Even so, it's possible to get my full lib_IdString with the Version command because I've inserted the string "$VER:" in front of the lib_IdString. Just read the file with "Version Libs:icon.library FILE FULL" and you will get the complete information including the build number.
Ah, understood, thanks for the lesson in Version Peter! Do I assume correctly that the value of lib_Revision can only contain one digit then? '4.472' is not possible in this case?

Just tested the output of your example and that works quite alright indeed (it is rather picky though, you have to include 'Libs:' otherwise it complains it cannot find the object).
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