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I just contacted the guy that ripped the Desert Dream modules some years ago (including the small one you can't hear in the demo).
He didn't know as he used a disc ripper to do this job, but he asked to Vention, the author of the _first_ hidden part.

Here is the Vention reply :
Originally Posted by Vention

This seems to be chasing me through my life, at times I wonder why I didn't
just omit that string of text.

Here's what happened, that might explain it fully:
We only had one hidden part for Desert Dream. It was done by me before the
party and sent to hawkeye (pretty much all of kefrens would assemble at his
place, and leave together for the Gathering). But the disc with the hidden
part never arrived. So instead I went to hawkeye and eventually to the party
place. At the gathering I was code on the hidden part and helping Airwalk
out with some of his intros (he made quite a few). And we decided to put one
of these into DD. The trigger was put in my hidden part and for a while you
could access Airwalk's hidden part. Except that it didn't work. At all. So
at last we decided not to fix it, but just leaving the data on the disc. If
they're intact nobody knows. In theory its possible to locate the datas and
run the code. Given you know where to load it etc. But. Its a long shot. If
anyone still has the code is hard to say.
So, now my last hope is to find an experienced coder / cracker to have a chance to look at this hidden part.

I hope somebody will be able to help.

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