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Thumbs up DamienD is a legend!

Received my copy today and all I can say is that this collection is the ducks nuts!

The hard drive with all my emu setups died a while back and I was to lazy to rebuild it all.

Normally when I want to play an Amiga game I would have to plug in an external drive, dig through tosec, grab a hopefully working set, and then configure WinUAE. So I didn't have too many games 'ready to go'. Now an excellent curated collection is at my finger tips.

With a little scripting to build the xml files for Emulation Station I will be able to put it all on my Pi as well.

Big thanks to Damien for putting in the years of work to create the collection (as well as all others that helped out along the way), and a big thanks to Tony for taking on the idea of showing the screenshots and for all the work he does to make WinUAE such a fantastic emulator.

Another big thumbs up to Damien for sending me a USB stick with the collection on it, I owe you a whole night of throwing schooners down your neck mate. The collection is installed and the stick been labeled and locked away with my USB drives that contain all my retro collections and other stuff (the DVD with your snes collection is in there as well ).
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