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Originally Posted by Bullwinkle55 View Post
The reason I have not installed it yet is I don't want to lose all my settings for my current install, until I figure that out I will delay the install of this masterpiece. (Unfortunately I know very little about registry stuff.)
Hey Dan,

Totally understandable

You don't really need registry knowledge though, see this:

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Received a good question via PM:

Yes, this will most definitely affect *your* own setup; hence why I say:

Firstly, you should backup your own WinUAE setup...

Export this key from the registry: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Arabuusimiehet]

If your WinUAE setup is in "C:\WinUAE" then rename it or move elsewhere.

...but you can run multiple different WinUAE setups

Mine is set to be registry based. With your setup you could have it in another directory, start WinUAE and then tick "Portable mode" from under "Paths".
...but to add to the above, you can do the reverse

Firstly before doing anything, start your *own* WinUAE install and then tick "Portable mode" from under "Paths". Exit, test, make sure all is good.

Now if in *your* WinUAE setup is in "C:\WinUAE" then rename it or move elsewhere.

Everything now safe

Extract my stuff from the archives and double-click "setup.exe".
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