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Originally posted by IFW
No, EU ("civilized world" rotfl) is not as good as you think as of yet.
Someday hopefully it will be, but it could be decades still.
We are at the period the US was more than a hundred years ago about creating a federal system with common rights, common laws, common money, common military, common policy etc.
At the moment you'd be in really deep shit - ok you are very rich so maybe not, but others will be - if you had a court case about a publishing deal busted not in your country, Greece.
All cases mentioned btw are people dealing with a company not in their own country)
Sure you have the rights, but without big money your rights exist only on paper, period. It is more than likely you won't be able to fight for them (minus you rich folks). While setting up a page about what happened may look in a world where money is not of concern and developers are expected to give away their work for free so others can sell them without paying the authors... unprofessional, it is the only thing Bernie and other can do. Rest assured they've tried everything within their budget to resolve the matters before going to public - the last thing that dies is hope. When they were sure all their money was lost they made aware the people about what the company does - so don't blame them to have the right for at least to let the world now what happened; a world that may be still buying the product in good faith thinking the money goes to the right hands.
Mate, I am sorry to say that, but you don't have an idea what you are talking about. The level of European countries is so high comparing to the States that any comparisson between the two is out of question. Europe is a more healthy place comparing to America and this shows at the moment. Worst IT scandals occured in the US, you like it or not. Europe has always been more CIVILISED comparing to America. No offence to my American pals, but this is a fact and nobody can argue on that.

As for contracts and money, you only need balls. If you have balls, you can go after it. If you don't, you just hide behind a webpage. A contract has more value than you can ever imagine. You don't have to be rich also and I am not rich BTW. After all, you said that programmers are not rich, so how can I be rich when I am a programmer? BTW, there have been many cases across the world were people were ripped off by companies and they sued them and won. They actually did that with large companies. How did they do it? Simple:

If H&P have been such bastards, people who got ripped off by them could actually get one lawer and pay the expenses of the court together and demand their money. But as I said, they probably missed the small font in the contract and they are scared. There is no "I Can't", there is only "I don't want to". Keep this in mind because you may need this one day. Just a friendly advice.
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