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Hi again.

Thank you so much DamienD.

So i have had a few hours playing now since finishing downloading, and setting it up, and.. it is as advertised, as yet have not found a title that doesn't , "just work".

Found many of the games i used to love playing, also found ones i had played extensively but have somehow over time forgot about (age i guess lol) Team Yankee. loved that game... need to find Team Yankee two now !!

Need to dig out the joypads i have somewhere in a box under the stairs now (recent house move) so the little ones can enjoy Fire and Ice, morph, an um, um... to many choices

Amazing work to have all this set up, with screenshots, machine settings etc etc..

So yes, with this making the news feeds, i can see why so many new people , me included have arrived here. I plan to stick around (when i get time of course, between work, house work, kids, life in general )

cant say thanks enough...
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