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Actually what IanS says is very true, just there is one slight problem... In a normal work contract you find you are unhappy with your employer/partner after 45 days at most usually, since that is the time when payment is due, after each and every month you work there, plus 15 days for the slowest bank transfers...
However a publishing deal is very different. You are working for years, may have some stage payment and only get ripped-off once your product is in production and selling out wide. More over no company will ever provide monthly accounting for such a deal it is more likely to be quarters or longer period.
Crooks always make sure you think everything is fine and promptly work out any problems so long your work is not finished. They run with the real money afterwards, when you are no longer needed.
That is you will notice you are "unhappy" after say two years of development time plus about the second quarter you do not receive your due payment (most people think for the first quarter, that it is understable that they are "in progress" and other bullshit)
So compare "awareness of unhappiness factor" - tm & (c) by IFW - of 45 days with 2.5 years on average. That's a pretty huge difference. We are now luckily live in the internet era and so it is easier to warn potential victims of those crooks of what to expect. If they still think they'd manage fine they got what they deserve, I can agree with that.
The reason why you may still not publish your work as free is simple: if by any chance you can find someone with enough money to get the bastards sued, or you want to retain your IP for future products, if you publish your stuff (does not matter that it is yours) your case is nullified about claims of unpaid money and/or it gets much more complicated, not worth pursuing ever even if you could later.

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