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DamienD's WinUAE Collection

Heya guys,

...not really sure where to put this thread so decided to it can live under the project.MAGE section.

Now that Toni has released WinUAE v3.6.0 with the awesome "boxart" panel, it's probably a good time for me to unleash my collection into the wild (minus any games that I've purchased plus APC&TCP titles).

I've been working on this on / off for 12+ years now. It's mainly a disk-based collection but in the past 2 years I've been adding in:
  • Custom .HDFs created by me for games that don't run from floppy.
  • Custom AmigaCD --> HDFs; again created by me.
  • A few WHDLoad games where major bug fixes over the floppy version has occurred.

You can see the current list of games here.

Using all my knowledge / reading forums / loads of testing; I feel that all included files are 100% working versions, although obviously I cannot fully guarantee this...

The collection is 6.32GB WinRAR'd and 11.90GB uncompressed. I've also written a nice batch file that does everything for you:

1) Extracts the files from the WinRAR archives to "C:\WinUAE".
2) Removes old and applies the required registry settings.
3) Copies a WinUAE shortcut to your desktop.

ransom1122 has been using this for 2+ years now and commented in another thread:

Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
Sounds promising DamienD, once the images are done I think it may be time to release your badboy out into the wild.

Your collection is nothing short of superior.
Now people might say; why use so many .ADFs when loading is sooooo much slower than from hard drive? Firstly, I love old school cracktros / trainers. Secondly, this is not really an issue in emulation. You can use the following tricks to eradicate boring loading times:
  • Set "Floppy Drive Emulation Speed" to "800%" (which works fine for 95% of games).
  • Toggle "Warp" mode on / off i.e. <End> + <Pause>.

Ok, a few things to note:
  • All games are configured to be run in "Fullscreen" mode.
  • 60% of the games run in a resolution of "640x480", 40% in "720x576", but keep the original aspect ratio.
  • "Keyboard Layout B" is set for "Port 2"; obviously if you plug in your joystick / controller and press button one it will swap over. With the second joystick / controller, press the 2nd button to swap over.
  • I love / use scanlines, these are set at 50% opacity and very rarely 25%.
  • Onscreen LEDs are turned on so you can see activity.
  • If a game has 2 or more disks, the "Disk swapper" has been populated in a logical way, see Important Keys on usage.

Also, in some of the <gamedirs> you will find cheats, hints, level codes, manuals, maps, strategies, tips, walkthroughs which have been painstakingly formatted by me to be printer friendly and in a consistent layout / format. To view these from WinUAE, right-click on the title bar of the "boxart" panel and select "Open Game Folder":

Finally, if you don't like any the above settings it's very easy to change all configurations to suit your needs in a matter of seconds using Notepad++ and "Search" --> "Find in Files". For example:

Turn off "Scanlines":
Change "gfx_filter_scanlines=50" to "gfx_filter_scanlines=0".
Change "gfx_filter_scanlines=25" to "gfx_filter_scanlines=0".

Turn off "Onscreen LEDs":
Change "show_leds=true" to "show_leds=false".


Interesting Statistics - Base Install:

 6.32GB    WinRAR'd 
11.90GB    Extracted 
 11,772    Files 
  2,315    Directories 
     26    AmigaCD games
     10    Arcadia ROMs
  2,196    Disk-based games 
     94    HDFs (patches / trainers applied when applicable) 
         55    HDFs [native installs] 
         26    HDFs [AmigaCD] 
         13    HDFs [WHDLoad] 
   330+    Cheats / hints / level codes / manuals / maps / walkthroughs etc. 
  2,300    Title / screenshots (manually taken by me)


Interesting Statistics - Base Install & Update Packs #1 - 36:

20.20GB    WinRAR'd 
36.00GB    Extracted 
 15,229    Files 
  3,029    Directories 
     56    AmigaCD games 
     16    Arcadia ROMs 
     22    CD32 games 
      7    CDTV games 
  2,762    Disk-based games 
    203    HDFs (patches / trainers applied when applicable) 
        119   HDFs [native installs] 
         56   HDFs [AmigaCD] 
          7   HDFs [ShapeShifter / MAC] 
         21   HDFs [WHDLoad] 
   450+    Cheats / hints / level codes / manuals / maps / walkthroughs etc. 
  3,010    Title / screenshots (manually taken by me)


Anyway, I'm now going to give a copy to DH and 4 others so that they can play around and give feedback. PM me if interested

Once this has occurred I'll then share with anyone that wants it

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