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I for one (in theory) would have probably still got one to be honest. I was (and still am) a very big console fan and as long as it still had decent software support (in the form of games obviously) I probably would have bought one.

There are a lot of flaws to that statement though...

When it comes to being able to afford it, I was only young at the time. It was my uncle was the one who bought the A500 and he bought it not because of it's games but because of it's other uses. So I doubt I would have actually ever got around to playing on the A500 console.

I'd also been woo'ed too much by sonic and there was no way that a megadrive wouldn't have been on my christmas list.

And as a lot of you have already said, you wouldn't have bought one so it probably would have died on it's arse anyway.

I'm pretty glad how it's worked out! (Apart from Amiga fudging up and going bust, Sega fudging up and going software only, and the lack of original software in today's market!)
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