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Originally posted by IFW
We are not talking about HP here, this is general.

I am glad you are one of the people who have a shitload of money to start a case like that, and to support continual financing of the legal proceedings in a foreign country with different laws, local and foreign lawyers and law firms and IP specialists.
Like I've already pointed out very clearly normally this is not the case with most developers, like small companies or freelancers.
The contract in this case worth less than the paper it is written on.
The topic is H&P is back. So if it was to be a topic about something else then we need to have a separate topic. All I care at the moment is that H&P is back. A freelancer BTW, works for free. And bear in mind that any developer/employee from a EU country has the same rights in any country within the block. It's a different story for the Americans but basically, laws regarding employee rights in the civilized world are 99.9% the same.

A contract is a contract and has a lot of value. In matter of fact, more than you can ever imagine. A typical example is the football contracts where the amounts of money spent are huge. A team may not pay a footballer=> it's relegated.

Same goes for big companies. Even micro$oft starts to feel the pain from the kick in their arse. Latest edition of winXP I installed didn't have MS JVM in. So happy about that. Nobody is god and nobody is the evangelist of business law. You have rights and you have to fight for them. Setting up a webpage to protest about being ripped off is unproffesional.
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