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Sorry IFW, but i've been completely convinced.

I now fully believe Bernd is positively nuts. He has some sort of egomaniac disorder that lead him to abandon his work at after two years, and go on a rampaging victimisation campaign with only one interest in mind: Getting attention.

Perhaps, he is anti-Amiga. Who knows.

Right now, i kinda feel for H&P, they got screwed and ended up with IP on their hands they never created, and now, they're forced to sell it and make money. While at the same time Bernie laughs all his way to his 10 to 12 to god knows what hours job, no longer having to carry the load of owning his own IP.

Honestly i don't know how H&P copes with it. I, wouldn't. Thankfully they get lucky when contracting people that take others company's applications source code to them. Not that it is much help....after all, the do have to carry the load of selling it and making money. Sometimes, it just seems the suffering has no end.

Right now i kinda look back at all the print media insiders and programmers that told me all those stories and kinda feel sad. Why does the world have people like this? Clearly, the Amiga is making big impact on the desktop market, look at AI's site, they're touring all over the world and the heads are turning. Competitors are afraid. Very afraid. Too much afraid... it seems.

Of course there's people that are trying to keep the Amiga down. But i tell you: With heroes like H&P, it's an unstopable force to be reckoned with.

Right now i spit on the grave of the likes of Cinemaware, Renegade, Imageworks, Codemasters, Factor 5 and all those traitors that abandoned the Amiga in the gravest hour of need. Heck, i tell you what, what does the Amiga needs them for anyway...?

Fact is H&P was the only one that stood up and keeps supporting the Amiga. It only takes a look and comparing to see the differences. The Amiga never was a brighter star than today, and if there's someone we can thank, it's H&P for it.

If just the world wasn't filled with greedy developers that demand to get payed, we'd have a lot more Amiga software. Think about it! You may call me a dreamer, but i'm not the only one.

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