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Sorry IanS, it is only true e.g for the UK if you are an UK resident. (like said you should deal under the laws of your own country or make sure you have legal backing at the other one)
Or in fact a resident of any of the countries whose companies you are going to deal with. Also lawyers/lawfirms are normally not allowed to take surefire cases. 11 Years ago it would have cost at least gbp 20k upfront even to start a surefire IP case at any firm, due to inflation etc. I expect that amount to double by now at least.
It does not matter how often you get a publishing deal inspected even if you have the world's best ever deal under these circumstances (international publishing deal, no residency in the offenders country etc) if you don't have a huge pile of money to go after a bastard you just can't win no matter how hard you try.
A very sad fact of life.
Remember we are talking about international legal stuff, not local, and a publishing deal not a work or other regular contract.
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