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That's an absolute disgrace.

What angers me the most is that genuine emulation sites offering downloads for free are being shut down. Many of these sites are run by people who love the emulation scene and want to share there interests with the world. The same people also offer their own time and dedication so we may all benifit.

Then arse holes like this come along and get away with making money off other peoples hard work. What's their excuse - "well I spent time putting these CD's together... blah blah blah" - bullshit! People spent far much more time ripping the roms, making the emulators and putting all this stuff out there for free so we can share and be a community. This jerk then downloads it all, packages it and reaps the benefits, something anyone could do with the right hardware.

I appreciate that some people don't have fast connections, but what I'd say to them is that buying trash like this damages the community. This is exactly why companies (who funnily enough exploit sometimes, but legally) have started coming down hard - they realise that the retro scene is commercially viable due to these losers making profits.

I'd love to pluck this guy out and place him in a room with all the people whose hard work he's exploiting.

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