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Those are unathorised disks, that is how.
There is an individual selling them all looking professional at least under 3 different website company/names, but due to various reasons you can trace back being only one guy.

I guess he acts professionally enough to fool shops shelving his w@rez.

I can assure you not a single piece of software is licensed on those.
The very same "company" sold mame rom CDs (I can assure you you can't license any such material), Sega rom CDs (no license there either) and Nintendo CDs (in fact they hunt down anyone selling their old games as roms) and Spectrum game images (most of those are free however)
They probably had a different name a while ago, and I don't see their other "products" they even claimed their Gremlin CD was legal which in fact is not, like nothing else they sell, apart from free stuff.
They are also selling amiga2pc (!!!) - their own "development" - which is the free program pc2amiga, with copyright stuff eliminated.

Enjoy :eek
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