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Well this is an answer to both statements above:

You would have to be producing professional programming output and signing contracts and possibly NDA's for that. You aren't - i assume & presume - which is usually people's number one problem with understading both the background and the environment of these questions.
I am a professional software developer. I have been in the IT market since I was 16 when I actually wrote some stuff for the ST and translated TOS to Greek. At the moment, I am developing software related to e-commerce and this is what I am paid for. So, I have full knowledge on the issue, and in matter of fact, full knowledge to the business issue as well due to my business related studies and my working experience for one year in Seagate as an Assistant Manager.

Anyhoo, it seems to me that you ignore the way justice works. If you need money to get into a case LIKE THIS, you can actually win the case and get twice the figure you paid for the court expenses. We are talking for international law and H&P is not Micro$oft. It's just a company in the IT sector and it doesn't make the the evangelists in international law. If justice was like that, we would have been in total anarchy and nothing would have worked so far. So, developing conspiracy theories about suing H&P and being you the one that gets sued is probably a scenario for a hollywood movie. This is real life guys, so please get real.

Basically, when I was employed by companies in the past, I had to sign a CONTRACT. I suppose the same happens to all people out there. I read carefully my contract before signing in, in matter of fact it took me more than 4 hours to read and highlight the important points. Now, this contract involves two parts:

-the individual
-the company (represented by the manager)

It is clear that you are not the only person you may blew up things but the company too. You have a contract. If the individual gets mistreated according to his contract, he can sue the company and vice versa.

Basically, as long as the Amithlon guy is just another software developer known only to a small community, approaching the community about his story with H&P looks very suspicious. We know shitnothing about his contract with H&P, we don't know the guy(chatting on the IRC or exchanging emails or meeting him once in your life is not the right way to say you know him) and we have utterly no knowledge on the issue. I believe that his action to approach the community and turn them against the company is a big minus for him. He shows a person with little or no professionalism at all. I think that if this guy will want to get employed by another company and describe his story and the way he reacted, he would get a kick in his ass. Easiest thing today is to write code, most difficult thing is to master YOUR code and demonstrate professionalism. For me, the guy behaved like a loser and that's how I see him. On the other hand, you see people like Oliver Castl who built a small empire themselves starting from the Amiga. This is called professionalism.

Now, regarding H&P, I cannot commend on anything. If people do not sue them and all they do is to set up a website and accuse them, well, this tell me nothing at all. A company has set a target and so far they managed to survive in a small market. They released quality products and they can only be judged for that. Having 10-20 people saying "H&P mistreated us" (just saying, nothing else) and beg for comiseration in the internet, makes me laugh. If I judge H&P now, I will only judge them for their products and for being in the market for longer than expected. They released excellent products, they are releasing excellent products and I am sure they will continue to do as long as us, Amiga users think about the computer sitting in front of us for nearly 18 years now. People who want to end that, can just set up a webpage made out with Frontpage and say whatever they want...
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